What Can IngensityTM IP do for you?

IP Fitness Assessments and IP Strategy Planning

IP Fitness Assessments

  • What does you IP portfolio look like?
    • Does it protect your current products and products in development?
    • Does it cover variations of your products? competitors products?
  • Does your portfolio cover the countries where you are marketing and manufacturing?
  • What are you protecting?
    • Are you in early stages of product development – do you have a plan to protect the fruits of your efforts?
    • Have you considered protecting methods of making and/or using your products?
    • Have you protected individual features of your product as well as combinations of features?
    • Are there some features better protected as trade secrets?
  • Who own the IP?
    • Does Company control the necessary IP rights?
    • What are the ramifications of shared or in-licensed rights?
  • What are your competitors doing and how does their IP impact your business plans?

IP Fitness Planning

Assess the surrounding IP landscape

  • Who holds patent rights in the relevant technology and product areas?
  • How likely is it that 3rd party applications will issue?
  • How strong and deep are 3rd party IP rights and how does this compare with your company’s IP position?

Strengthen your IP position

  • Strategies for new and current IP filings
  • Assessment of acquisition and licensing targets
  • Design-arounds and other mitigation strategies for 3rd party IP risks

Align IP strategy with business goals and timelines

  • Commercial
  • Regulatory
  • Marketing and other public disclosures

Communicate your IP strategy

  • Presentation-ready IP strategy slides with visual “dashboards” of landscape and timelines
  • Key talking points for IP strategy tailored to product/service, technology and market

How Strong and Deep
is Your Portfolio?

Market exclusivity and longevity

  • What is the lifespan of the IP covering your products and pipeline candidates?
    • How does this timeline align with any required regulatory review?
  • “Pressure testing”:  Have you assessed the potential risk of challenge to key strategic patents?
  • Do you have a plan to strengthen and deepen your IP protection for key products and strategic features?

Issues concerning strategic patent rights distribution

  • Inventor assignments
  • Collaborations and joint ownership
  • Licensing terms
  • Intracompany IP migration

Landscape and Competitor Analyses

  • Market risk assessment
    • 3rd party patent review – breadth
    • Prior art impact on 3rd party patent strength
  • Market landscape & opportunity planning
    • Competitor analyses
    • Patent landscape mapping for target product development areas
  • Portfolio Landscape and differentiation
    • Breadth and depth of patent estate for competitor protection
  • Pre-litigation risk assessment
    • Analysis of overlap between products and patent coverage
    • Assessment of enforceability and potential remedies