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Foreign Concepts and Diversity: Comments on the Stanford IP Law and the Biosciences Conference

Thursday morning and the conference launches off with an illustrious panel of judges.  Two are from the Federal Circuit, Hon. Sharon Prost and Hon. Richard Taranto, and the other two represent the United States Court for the Northern District of California, Hon. Beth Freeman and [...]

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The ties that bind . . . and might never let go

  Many startups begin their life as an idea in the head of a graduate student, post-doc or professor (or some combination thereof).  These folks are typically carrying out their day jobs at a university and it is not surprising that many ideas are spawned from [...]

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Musings:  Will IP move into the world of chat bots and AI-related tools?

  While looking through some social media feeds last week, I came across Seedlegals.  Based in the UK, it uses chat bots and an app to interface with companies seeking corporate legal advice.  The system constructs terms sheets and deal documents, as well as provides [...]

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In crafting your IP strategy, don’t be your own worst enemy

Filing a patent application is often an early goal for a start-up.  But when is the right time to file?  Adapted from the words of author Daniel Pink[1], timing is everything and everything is timing. Having a patent application on file can protect your inventions, [...]

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Synergize: Make your patent strategy come alive

In the Synergy series, I will be looking at collaborations between IP strategy and other facets that feed into the overall plans, goals and operations of a start-up company.  Where does IP fit into the puzzle with these other pieces and how can they work [...]

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It meant what it said and it said what it meant, or did it?  Interpreting patent claims.

“I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful one-hundred percent!”   ― Dr. Seuss, Horton Hatches the Egg With elephants, at least according to Dr. Seuss, it’s all relatively straight forward.   But when it comes to patent claims, do they [...]

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