Almost December.  It’s less than a month’s time until the winter solstice. I can look at this in two ways.  Either the days are getting shorter and darker with each passing one, or it’s only a short time until each day will begin to grow longer and brighter.

Some years the increased darkness bothers me.  Last year I came up with the festival of lights.  Each week was a different color of strings of lights to brighten the house in the evening.  Some coincided with holiday colors, other choices were mood-driven.

Short days, however, can bring benefits too.  They mark the transition towards a new year.  With that transition comes thoughts about the future, the long term view.  Thoughts about the past also abound.  It’s a time for reflection in both directions.

  • What did I do with this year?
  • What worked and what did not?
  • What did I learn, particularly from the aspects that did not go as planned?
  • What will I take forward with me to shape the coming year?

I also like to think over the variety of people I have met and worked with over the year.  Each person brings something different.  Sometimes it is a new area of research for me to learn, sometimes a new problem to address and overcome.  Other folks bring perspective from different walks of life and varying viewpoints.   All of these experiences are like a collage of my festival of lights, blending together to illuminate the year.

At some point, I may expand on these thoughts.  But for now, I’ll just leave you with these musings and wonder if you have looked at similar questions covering your own 2018 experiences.