IP Fitness Assessments and Plans

IP Fitness Assessments

  • What does you IP portfolio look like?
    • Does it protect your current products and products in development?
    • Does it cover variations of your products? competitors products?
    • Are you in early stages of product development – do you have a plan to protect the fruits of your efforts?
  • Does your portfolio cover the global countries where you are marketing and manufacturing?
  • What are you protecting?
    • Have you protected individual features of your product as well as combinations of features?
    • Have you considered protecting methods of making and using your products?
    • Are there some features better protected as trade secrets?
  • What are your competitors doing and how does their IP impact your business plans?

IP Fitness Planning

  • Pre-diligence assessment and preparation for financing, acquisition, partnership and IPO
  • IP Assessment of acquisition and licensing targets
  • Product clearance
  • Landscape assessment for new products directions
  • Litigation risk mitigation

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