Celebrate the Milestones!

When I look back on my PhD thesis, the time is memorable.  What holds no memories however, is actually crossing the finish line.  When I completed the draft of my thesis, I left for my post-doctoral position.  There was no ceremony, no fanfare, nothing to mark the day. That is why I was so delighted [...]

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I wish I had a role model like that

Sitting in a room several weeks ago, I found myself looking at an unusual sight.  In front of me was a panel of 6 women, all very accomplished experienced professionals in the biotech arena – CEOs, board members and investors.  Why was this unusual? Because for the most part, my experience has been that many [...]

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From Scientist to . . . .?

Thursday night I had the opportunity to interact with 12 fresh-faced scientists.  I guest lectured at the University of San Francisco’s Master’s degree program for Professor Jennifer Denver’s class in Molecular Medicine.  Not long after the lecture, I found myself at a fund-raiser for the Pruess School, speaking with 2 UCSD undergrads majoring in biology [...]

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Musings:  Will IP move into the world of chat bots and AI-related tools?

While looking through some social media feeds last week, I came across Seedlegals.  Based in the UK, it uses chat bots and an app to interface with companies seeking corporate legal advice.  The system constructs terms sheets and deal documents, as well as provides answers to some questions concerning corporate formation.  This is not a [...]

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Musings: Biosimilars on the dance floor

A few years ago, I wrote about the first emergence of biosimilars on the US market.  At the time, everyone was focused on the patent dance – how patent litigation would play out with the new rules.  Very little was happening in the product arena.  Only one biosimilar had launched as of September 2015 – [...]

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MUSINGS: Digital Health is a Large Umbrella

It’s hard to wrap your arms around the term “digital health” these days.  Everyone has a different definition – a variation on a theme.  There are some unifying characteristics – but it can come down to something digital – data collection, data analysis – and something that touches healthcare, everything from fitness to medical records [...]

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