Choice:  It’s yours to make

Appreciate choice – that is what my mediation app advised.  At the time, I gave it only a passing thought.  Yes, it is nice to have choices and not be stuck down a single path. However, do we really appreciate choice?  Do we consciously make choices and in a “smart” way?  I find my day [...]

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Short Days Long Thoughts

Almost December.  It’s less than a month’s time until the winter solstice. I can look at this in two ways.  Either the days are getting shorter and darker with each passing one, or it’s only a short time until each day will begin to grow longer and brighter. Some years the increased darkness bothers me.  [...]

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That Back-to-School Feeling

Labor day just went by and for me that has always marked the end of summer, or at least the end of that summer-vacation feeling.  After labor day is typically when I went back to school.  Those days have long gone by for me.  Yet, even so, I still get the same, “now is the [...]

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Making your mark

The death of Aretha Franklin worked its way into all facets of news this past week.  Not just entertainment news, but political reporters, social activists and people from many walks of life commented on her impact.  The outpouring of sadness at her passing reminds me that there are many ways you can make a mark [...]

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Making Some Space

I started doing the Headspace meditation app last fall.  One recent practice struck me as I was thinking about the journeys entrepreneurs take to start up a company - making some space between yourself and your thoughts and emotions. This mental distance has its place in other spheres as well. For instance, by stepping back from [...]

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Everybody wants the data

Everybody wants the data  . . . That’s the phrase I hear most often bandied around in healthcare discussions these days.  Employers will get involved with employee healthcare and promote digital apps to collect data.  Providers want to collect data and /or sort through the data they have on their populations. Drug discovery companies want [...]

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Parallels of Music, Innovation and IP

A week of music at the Spoleto festival in Charleston South Carolina, a yearly tradition where I am immersed in classical music and jazz of all sorts from baroque to 21st century experimental pieces. After a few days of listening, I have been musing on the parallels between the music I am experiencing and the [...]

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Should every academic idea be turned into a company?

I went to hear Dr. Atul Butte speak at the SF Health 2.0 chapter meeting last week.  He gave a great talk on the accumulation of big data in healthcare and what could be accomplished with the wealth of information. One of his main pitches – there aren’t enough people/companies working on healthcare problems.  He argued that [...]

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Courts grappling with the science

I am not a huge fan of case write-ups, at least in the style of memo I wrote in law school.  For me, for practical utility, it gets too into the legal weeds and strays away from what I think most of us want – the take-home message.  Namely, get to the point- what should [...]

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