Happenings: Advice to Entrepreneurs From the AAMA Healthcare Connect Conference

As I sat through the AAMA 2017 Healthcare Connect Conference on October 12, an old family memory surfaced. In the early 1990’s, my grandpa bought each member of our family a video phone.  Our small family was dispersed between the mid-western and the southeastern states.  [...]

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Coming to the table: Can we reach a technology-integrated healthcare system?

I spent a good chunk of last week at the Health 2.0 conference in Santa Clara.  I intended to write a summary directly after, but I found I needed a few days to take it all in and mull it over.  There was a large [...]

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Happenings: Implementation is a key challenge for digital health

Digital health- in the past few weeks we have seen commentary on digital health is dead, that it’s not dead but too much hype.  The Medimmune event Digital Health Transforming Drug Development held yesterday in Mountain View provided some perspective.   The day offered a wide [...]

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Happenings:  The microbiome on display

Good bugs, bad bugs – who will win?  The Jlabs event “Bugs, Drugs, & Beyond: Translational Approaches to the Microbiome” on September 12 presented a realm of possibilities.  Approaches to translating microbiome explorations into real-world products ranged from profiling individuals’ diet and microbiome interactions to [...]

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HAPPENINGS: Your tax dollars at work for start-ups

My Thursday morning this week started with a visit to Jlabs for a presentation by NCI and NHLBI on small business grants and contracts for start-ups.  Ok, technically my morning started a bit earlier with a particularly poorly made soy cappuccino following my visit to [...]

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