When Worlds Collide – Technology Fields Coming Together in MedTech

Neat-o!  I don’t say this too much.  Ok, maybe it’s because it’s a dated phrase from my childhood.  But also, because sometimes with so much happening in our daily lives, we forget to appreciate the wonders that are created in science. Last week, I had such an experience. I attended the Rosenman Symposium at UCSF and [...]

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Mental Health and Digital Health Meet Up

Kaiser Permanente Ventures puts on a series of healthcare-related presentations. Last week’s focus was a check up on the applications of digital health technology to mental health treatment. This coincided with a national focus on mental health after 2 prominent figures committed suicide. But importantly, the presentation focused away from those specific incidents.  Instead, it [...]

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Foreign Concepts and Diversity: Comments on the Stanford IP Law and the Biosciences Conference

Thursday morning and the conference launches off with an illustrious panel of judges.  Two are from the Federal Circuit, Hon. Sharon Prost and Hon. Richard Taranto, and the other two represent the United States Court for the Northern District of California, Hon. Beth Freeman and Hon. Susan Illston. And there is the news of the [...]

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Should every academic idea be turned into a company?

I went to hear Dr. Atul Butte speak at the SF Health 2.0 chapter meeting last week.  He gave a great talk on the accumulation of big data in healthcare and what could be accomplished with the wealth of information. One of his main pitches – there aren’t enough people/companies working on healthcare problems.  He argued that [...]

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Matching Med Tech Startups with Funding and Partners

I spent my Thursday attending the Medtech Innovator pitch event in South San Francisco. An interesting organization. It provides mentorship for startups in the med tech space, encompassing more traditional devices as well as digital health companies. Pitch events held across the country provide a forum for selecting startups to join the fold. Unlike some [...]

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Aging in Place: Focus on the Person

Moving new technologies into the healthcare arena is all over the news as of late.  But when it comes to the older strata of the population, there are some additional considerations that come into play.  The concerns are not the ones I think most people conjure up, such as older folks’ reluctance to use new [...]

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Happenings: Advice to Entrepreneurs From the AAMA Healthcare Connect Conference

As I sat through the AAMA 2017 Healthcare Connect Conference on October 12, an old family memory surfaced. In the early 1990’s, my grandpa bought each member of our family a video phone.  Our small family was dispersed between the mid-western and the southeastern states.  My grandpa was excited about being able to “see” us [...]

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