Different Paths

So many biotech start-ups, and so many different ways to navigate from point A to point B. I attended two talks recently which provided a contrast in styles for designing and getting a startup off the ground.  Both paths were successful, but success came in different forms. The first presentation was Jennifer Doudna, well-known for [...]

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The Start-up Scene:  Investing in Tools and Platforms

  I’ve been to a number of panel discussions with biotech investors.  Although much of the advice is similar, some bears repeating.  Also, this particular panel focused on early stage investing in biotech startups in the tools and platform space.  Some insights are more directed to these areas. First, an overview of the panel that [...]

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A Common Passion – a Shout-out to Startups

Last week was 3 consecutive days of pitches, 3 different settings, 3 different audiences.  I heard a lot of great ideas in a wide variety of styles.  Some were more sales-focused, some more data-focused.  Some founders were nervous, others strode out with confidence.  The diversity was astounding:  Ideas included fish food, virtual reality treatment for [...]

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Demo Day Dilemmas

I am looking forward to Indie Bio’s demo day this week.  I work with a number of the companies there.  The excitement and the tension has mounted as the big day approaches.  This is the day each company will have a short public presentation about its technology in front of a fairly large audience.  I [...]

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Autumn – the busy season

It’s the fall season now.  No, I am not talking about fashion.  And although in SF, fall actually means the summer weather we didn’t get to see in the traditional months, it’s not the seasonal fluctuations that I’m addressing. The fall season for me is one of networking and information gathering.  There are more conferences, [...]

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Take that helping hand

Entrepreneurship is rarely a one-person do-it-all-yourself enterprise.  Many journeys are peppered with encounters with others who gave advice, lent a helping hand (and money), and provided services at low or no charge early in the start-up’s development. A good example of this was on display at the UCSF Entrepreneurship club presentation by Cortexyme co-founders Casey [...]

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The Digital Pill

The digital pill.  Is there such a thing and if so, what is it?  Digital health, digital medicine, digital therapy – these terms often mean different things to different people.  They can carry very broad definitions and encompass everything from consumer-facing health-monitoring apps to digital sensors for ingestion of traditional chemical therapeutics. But what about [...]

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Make the facts work for you

There are many circumstances where a patent aims to cover a dosage level, a formulation, or a method of administration of a therapeutic drug.  In some cases, this is a second round of patents, and the initial filing has already covered the active ingredient.  In other cases, the new patent may be aimed at repurposing [...]

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When Tech Plays in Bio:  Y Combinator Jumps into Life Sciences Startups

Y Combinator (YC) is a well-known player in the startup incubator space, but mostly associated with tech.  Although there have been companies in YC with a healthcare focus, many of the past have been information-technology or tools-based. Now, YC has jumped with both feet into the life sciences with an incubator program geared to bio [...]

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