Checking in for the New Year

So here we are in 2021.  This is not the typical new year.  The past year has not been an easy one.  It has taken a toll on all of us, and likely will continue to do so for some time to come. Even in the context of start-up biotech companies and founders, it has [...]

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Rain and Sunshine

I heard this phrase on the radio a few weeks ago, “rain and sunshine – you need both to grow” and it stuck with me.  It could be that 30 weeks into the Covid world here in SF there has been both rain and sunshine in the rolling timeline of work and life.  But in [...]

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Did you miss this talk? Really?

I love the biotech-life sciences-healthcare scene in San Francisco. So much happening! So many companies, constant news on new drugs, new tools, new results, new approaches. There is a continual flow of seminars, panel discussions, fireside chats and other formats for gathering information. But that’s what surprises me - that not everyone, or even a [...]

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Refine and Evolve

It’s been a busy start to the Fall season in my world of startups.  A new class has just started at IndieBio.  UCSF Catalyst recently finished a round of progress updates for its awardees and is already looking at the next round of proposals. UC Davis is gearing up its Venture Catalyst companies to prep [...]

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Dancing in the dark

Eighteen months of darkness     When an applicant files an application for a patent, the first publication generally is 18 months from that first filing date. The first date may be the filing date of the provisional application in the US or the priority filing in another country.     There are a few [...]

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Celebrate the Milestones!

When I look back on my PhD thesis, the time is memorable.  What holds no memories however, is actually crossing the finish line.  When I completed the draft of my thesis, I left for my post-doctoral position.  There was no ceremony, no fanfare, nothing to mark the day. That is why I was so delighted [...]

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Things are not always what they seem

Patent claims are where it’s at if you are looking at freedom to operate. Keep in mind, however, that it’s really issued claims that are the worry. I get a fair bit of concerns sent my way about patent applications. It comes in two flavors. Some concerns are for what is in the specification, and [...]

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Choice:  It’s yours to make

Appreciate choice – that is what my mediation app advised.  At the time, I gave it only a passing thought.  Yes, it is nice to have choices and not be stuck down a single path. However, do we really appreciate choice?  Do we consciously make choices and in a “smart” way?  I find my day [...]

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Urban Legends

When I was growing up there was a rumor that went around school:  a fast food restaurant had somehow deep fried a rat instead of a chicken piece and served it to a customer.  I have my doubts on the veracity of that one, but it sure spread around. A similar thing seems to have [...]

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