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Making Some Space

I started doing the Headspace meditation app last fall.  One recent practice struck me as I was thinking about the journeys entrepreneurs take to start up a company - making some space between yourself and your thoughts and emotions. This mental distance has its place in other spheres as well. For instance, by stepping back from [...]

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When Tech Plays in Bio:  Y Combinator Jumps into Life Sciences Startups

Y Combinator (YC) is a well-known player in the startup incubator space, but mostly associated with tech.  Although there have been companies in YC with a healthcare focus, many of the past have been information-technology or tools-based. Now, YC has jumped with both feet into the life sciences with an incubator program geared to bio [...]

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Your Start-up – Tell Your Story

Say what you wanna say And let the words fall out Honestly I wanna see you be brave  . . . Words from Sara Bareilles’s song “Brave.” In the early days of start-ups, particularly at the incubator stage, pitch presentations are a well-used form of attracting attention, from informal pitches and investor meetings to demo days [...]

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The Bus Driver

Pretend you’re the bus driver. That’s how my dad would start the puzzle. Then he’d proceed: At the first stop, 8 people get on. At the 2nd stop, 2 passengers get off and 5 more get on. A the 3rd stop, 6 people get off and 4 more people come aboard. And so on, it [...]

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When Worlds Collide – Technology Fields Coming Together in MedTech

Neat-o!  I don’t say this too much.  Ok, maybe it’s because it’s a dated phrase from my childhood.  But also, because sometimes with so much happening in our daily lives, we forget to appreciate the wonders that are created in science. Last week, I had such an experience. I attended the Rosenman Symposium at UCSF and [...]

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Mental Health and Digital Health Meet Up

Kaiser Permanente Ventures puts on a series of healthcare-related presentations. Last week’s focus was a check up on the applications of digital health technology to mental health treatment. This coincided with a national focus on mental health after 2 prominent figures committed suicide. But importantly, the presentation focused away from those specific incidents.  Instead, it [...]

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Everybody wants the data

Everybody wants the data  . . . That’s the phrase I hear most often bandied around in healthcare discussions these days.  Employers will get involved with employee healthcare and promote digital apps to collect data.  Providers want to collect data and /or sort through the data they have on their populations. Drug discovery companies want [...]

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Parallels of Music, Innovation and IP

A week of music at the Spoleto festival in Charleston South Carolina, a yearly tradition where I am immersed in classical music and jazz of all sorts from baroque to 21st century experimental pieces. After a few days of listening, I have been musing on the parallels between the music I am experiencing and the [...]

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