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Autumn – the busy season

It’s the fall season now.  No, I am not talking about fashion.  And although in SF, fall actually means the summer weather we didn’t get to see in the traditional months, it’s not the seasonal fluctuations that I’m addressing. The fall season for me is one of networking and information gathering.  There are more conferences, [...]

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Take that helping hand

Entrepreneurship is rarely a one-person do-it-all-yourself enterprise.  Many journeys are peppered with encounters with others who gave advice, lent a helping hand (and money), and provided services at low or no charge early in the start-up’s development. A good example of this was on display at the UCSF Entrepreneurship club presentation by Cortexyme co-founders Casey [...]

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Ride the Rollercoaster!

A start-up company, like life, has its ups and downs.  In forming my own venture, I see this first hand.  There are super busy times when it seems I might have taken on too much and times when disappointments arise, or there are lost opportunities and problems not solved.  On the flip side, there are [...]

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The Digital Pill

The digital pill.  Is there such a thing and if so, what is it?  Digital health, digital medicine, digital therapy – these terms often mean different things to different people.  They can carry very broad definitions and encompass everything from consumer-facing health-monitoring apps to digital sensors for ingestion of traditional chemical therapeutics. But what about [...]

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The Pivot

Listening to a podcast in my ever-growing queue this week, I heard an interview with the CEO of Segment, a tech company that provides a platform for communicating data to a variety of analytic tools.  The part of the story that caught my attention came before the big breakthroughs that made Segment a viable company.  [...]

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That Back-to-School Feeling

Labor day just went by and for me that has always marked the end of summer, or at least the end of that summer-vacation feeling.  After labor day is typically when I went back to school.  Those days have long gone by for me.  Yet, even so, I still get the same, “now is the [...]

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Navigating the Waters: Regulatory and IP Strategies

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry and therefore regulatory planning plays a crucial role for many life sciences startups.  Most therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical devices undergo review by a regulatory agency such as the FDA in the U.S. and the EMA in Europe.  For those embarking down the startup path, this may be the first [...]

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Making your mark

The death of Aretha Franklin worked its way into all facets of news this past week.  Not just entertainment news, but political reporters, social activists and people from many walks of life commented on her impact.  The outpouring of sadness at her passing reminds me that there are many ways you can make a mark [...]

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Make the facts work for you

There are many circumstances where a patent aims to cover a dosage level, a formulation, or a method of administration of a therapeutic drug.  In some cases, this is a second round of patents, and the initial filing has already covered the active ingredient.  In other cases, the new patent may be aimed at repurposing [...]

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Save That Date!

What’s in a priority date?  You might look on the face of a patent and see a filing date.  It might also have a list of priority documents such as an earlier filed PCT or provisional application.  So, is it that simple?  In a word - No. There are a number of factors that go [...]

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