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Game on – Here we are in 2019!

The ball drops and if we are still awake and not watching the actual event in Times Square, but a replay 3 hours later here in San Francisco, it is now 2019. Another year for new challenges, new goals and new plans. I like the clean slate of a new year.  Although it can be [...]

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The Start-up Scene:  Investing in Tools and Platforms

  I’ve been to a number of panel discussions with biotech investors.  Although much of the advice is similar, some bears repeating.  Also, this particular panel focused on early stage investing in biotech startups in the tools and platform space.  Some insights are more directed to these areas. First, an overview of the panel that [...]

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Potholes and Landmines

It is not unusual for me to hear a startup inquire about a freedom-to-operate (FTO) search.  Often, the requesting company is in its nascent stages.   I don’t discourage the idea of keeping a good view of the competition and path to market.  However, it is often too early for what I would consider a true [...]

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Short Days Long Thoughts

Almost December.  It’s less than a month’s time until the winter solstice. I can look at this in two ways.  Either the days are getting shorter and darker with each passing one, or it’s only a short time until each day will begin to grow longer and brighter. Some years the increased darkness bothers me.  [...]

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Connecting the Dots for Written Description

Your first patent application – you try to think of all of the possible variations, all the possible diseases that could be diagnosed or treated, all the potential doses, all the potential chemical or protein variants.  But will these lists provide sufficient support for the patent claims you seek in years to come? It might [...]

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A Common Passion – a Shout-out to Startups

Last week was 3 consecutive days of pitches, 3 different settings, 3 different audiences.  I heard a lot of great ideas in a wide variety of styles.  Some were more sales-focused, some more data-focused.  Some founders were nervous, others strode out with confidence.  The diversity was astounding:  Ideas included fish food, virtual reality treatment for [...]

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Demo Day Dilemmas

I am looking forward to Indie Bio’s demo day this week.  I work with a number of the companies there.  The excitement and the tension has mounted as the big day approaches.  This is the day each company will have a short public presentation about its technology in front of a fairly large audience.  I [...]

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Do you know what you have signed onto?

It may be time to have a look. Companies sign onto a lot of agreements – confidentiality, materials transfer, collaborations, contract research, contract manufacturing, clinical trials and the like.  These agreements each come with obligations and restrictions.  Are you keeping track? Make time for an audit Every company has its favorite template for agreements and [...]

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