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Musings: Jumping hurdles and pushing down barriers

This week marked another digital health conference – the Rock Health Summit.  I confess that when I signed up for this one, I didn’t realize that I would be going to 2 other conferences so close in time.  I experienced a bit of “conference fatigue” [...]

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CompanieBee: New Directions in the Mix

CompanieBee was now a few months into its incubator term.  This morning’s strategy/coffee session brought a new twist. Vijay approached the table with a new face at his side.  “Everyone, this is Alex. He joins our team at CompanieBee starting today.”  Vijay explained that Alex [...]

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Happenings: Advice to Entrepreneurs From the AAMA Healthcare Connect Conference

As I sat through the AAMA 2017 Healthcare Connect Conference on October 12, an old family memory surfaced. In the early 1990’s, my grandpa bought each member of our family a video phone.  Our small family was dispersed between the mid-western and the southeastern states.  [...]

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Coming to the table: Can we reach a technology-integrated healthcare system?

I spent a good chunk of last week at the Health 2.0 conference in Santa Clara.  I intended to write a summary directly after, but I found I needed a few days to take it all in and mull it over.  There was a large [...]

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