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It’s Not Easy Being Green: A look in at Project Zygote

As said by Kermit the Frog of Muppets fame, being green isn’t easy.  And being “green” in the sense of being a newbie in the start-up space isn’t so easy either.  So it goes as the third cohort enters Project Zygote, a pre-accelerator for digital [...]

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CompanieBee: Mapping Out the IP Strategy

“Yum!” exclaimed Elle as she saw the box of scones, brioche and other goodies that Daniella, CompanieBee’s IP attorney, had brought along for the meeting.  “Where did you get these?” Elle asked.  “In the Inner Sunset District, at a bakery called Arizmendi.”  The other members [...]

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Intellectual Property Considerations for Angel Investing

I met a group of angel investors the other day at an event addressing the selection of companies for investment.  I asked one participant whether intellectual property (IP) was part of their consideration. “We leave that to the attorney” was the answer I got. I [...]

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Musings: Jumping hurdles and pushing down barriers

This week marked another digital health conference – the Rock Health Summit.  I confess that when I signed up for this one, I didn’t realize that I would be going to 2 other conferences so close in time.  I experienced a bit of “conference fatigue” [...]

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CompanieBee: New Directions in the Mix

CompanieBee was now a few months into its incubator term.  This morning’s strategy/coffee session brought a new twist. Vijay approached the table with a new face at his side.  “Everyone, this is Alex. He joins our team at CompanieBee starting today.”  Vijay explained that Alex [...]

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Happenings: Advice to Entrepreneurs From the AAMA Healthcare Connect Conference

As I sat through the AAMA 2017 Healthcare Connect Conference on October 12, an old family memory surfaced. In the early 1990’s, my grandpa bought each member of our family a video phone.  Our small family was dispersed between the mid-western and the southeastern states.  [...]

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